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What Our Customers Say


The process of making my molds was cool. I like the idea of having my own molds for my own inserts and at these prices. Awesome!


I’m on my feet for at least 12 hours a day on my shift. These orthotics have been lifesavers.

Jimmy Barlow

The process to fit the orthotics to my own feet was amazing. I was shocked at how easy it was and how good they actually fit. I would highly recommend to anyone who wants a good fitting insert and a great price.


Ordered my first set in 2016. When I wanted replacement orthotics, they had kept the molds for me so reordering was simple. They built me another pair of orthotics just like my originals. I’ve been very happy with them.

Cindy Phillips

I love my custom-fit orthotics. They fit like a glove.

Andrew Middleton

I am an avid runner. If I’m not getting ready to run a marathon, I’m running just to keep my sanity. Running is my mental therapy. If I couldn’t run I would loose my mind and desire to do anything. Recently my feet have been hurting from all of the pounding activity. Your orthotics were the perfect solution. They fit so perfectly to my feet. Now when I run in them they help absorb the impact and keep my feet pain free.

Mindy Smith

I’ve always had aching feet. One time a doctor told me that I had fallen arches but that they were not bad enough to do anything about. Finally I couldn’t stand it any more and I decided to try an insert from the drug store. Those store insoles didn’t do anything except make my feet hot. After I decided to try a custom orthotic, yours were the least expensive. I can’t believe how awesome they made my feet feel. Now I can shop all day with my sisters and never feel a bit of pain. Your orthotics are the best. I’ll never go anywhere without them.

Barry McAllister

I am a Physical Therapist and have been very pleased with your products. The instant relief of pain astonished me. I would recommend these custom fit orthotics to anyone.


Well done! These are more comfortable and pain-relieving that any other product I’ve tried (e.g., Dr. Scholl’s, Superfeet, etc.) THANK YOU!


You have evrything for bunion pain, high arches, and supinators which I need? I like to jog and have a bunion that is terribly painful. My podiatrist says I’m out of alignment on my right side and with chiropractic care, massage therapy, and insoles I will get better. I do not over pronate, I under pronate. I also do not have the money for 350.00 inserts. Surethotics were perfect. Better than I could have ever imagined. My podiatrist and chiropractor were both impressed.

John W. 

I think your company and orthotics are unbelievable. Only because I have tried going to my podiatrist and he charged me $620 for my last orthotics. The custom fit orthotics that I got here from Surethotics were not only better fitting but seem to last much longer. I love you guys. I just ordered 2 more pair. Thanks Surethotics.

Mark Stamp

I have custom orthotics that I got thru a podiatrist many years ago. They work well, but I’d like to get another pair, an exact duplicate of the ones I have now, so that I don’t need to swap them when I change shoes. Is it possible for you to precisely duplicate existing orthotics? Thanks.


I’ve worn your orthotics for over 6 years. They have really provided the relief I need from my foot pain. They are durable. I have multiple pairs that I keep in the shoes I use the most. Have reordered many pair through the years. Thank you for being both affordable and helpful.


I have ordered many pair of orthotics from Surethotic. They are a very affordable way to help me with my foot pain. They are easy to order. They have kept my original molds to make it easy when I’m ready to order new orthotics. I highly recommend them.

Helen Ashton

I’ve ordered orthotics from your company for my husband several years ago. He needs new ones now please help me to order thank you.


Have had mine for close to 2 years and just ordered a new set due to wear. Plan to order a second set for my summer home in OR. Has sure helped resolve many foot and knee issues.

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