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Back Pain

Personal Fit For A Personal Solution

Back pain is one of the most common reasons people go to the doctor or miss work, and is a leading cause of disability worldwide.

Back Massage

Common Causes & Symptoms

Anyone can develop back pain, even children and teens. There can be many causes of common back pain. Some extreme causes include bulging disks, arthritis or osteoporosis. However, more common causes include spine misalignment and muscle or ligament strain. Symptoms may include:

  • Inflammation

  • Aches or pain when bending, twisting, lifting, standing or walking

  • Shooting, burning or stabbing sensation

  • Muscle tightness

  • Spasms

Playing Basketball

Recommended Solution

Relieving back pain can be as simple as wearing a well-made pair of orthotics from Surethotics. A set of custom-made orthotics from Surethotics will help keep your back aligned and in the proper structural position, which can help to relieve muscle stress in the legs and back.

Full-Length Comfort Fit Orthotics

Our Full Length orthotics provide support and protection for your foot. They are especially effective in shoes where maximum shock absorption and durability are required. We recommend these for high-impact activities such as walking, running, hiking, golf and for those who work long hours on their feet. The padding and cushion extend from the heel all the way to the toes. They absorb impact and stabilize the feet. Because of the custom fit and size, you’ll want these to remain in the shoes or boots you use the most.

Metatarsal Active Support Orthotics

Our Metatarsal or half-length orthotics provide the same support and protection as the Full Length orthotics. They are shorter and have a thinner profile which makes it easy to slip in and out of different pairs of shoes. Our Metatarsal orthotics are a great choice for use in more low-volume shoes such as dress, stylish or every day shoes.

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