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  • What is the difference between Full-Length and Metatarsal length orthotics?
    Both lengths of orthotics will provide support and protection for your feet. The Metatarsal Active Support orthotics are shorter in length and will fit into almost any shoe or boot. Because they are shorter and have a thinner profile, they can easily be switched from shoe to shoe. The Full Length Comfort Fit orthotics have padding that extends beyond the toes. Once trimmed to fit the shoe or boot, it will be a little less convenient to move from shoe to shoe. We recommend the Full Feature set of orthotics which includes a pair of each.
  • What if my Impression Kit gets ruined?
    Sometimes the impression kits can get damaged in the mail. If this happens, please contact us and we will send another kit. We will need photos of the damaged kit for insurance purposes. If the kit somehow gets damaged while in your possession, a Replacement Impression Kit can be purchased here.
  • How long before I receive my Impression Kit?
    If the order is placed Monday-Friday, we usually send your Impression Kit the same day we receive your order. For orders received on weekends or holidays, the kit will be sent out on the next regular working day. Pease allow 7-10 days for delivery of your Impression Kit.
  • How long will it take to make my Surethotics orthotics?
    Our technicians will start building your orthotics as soon as we receive your impression kit. It will normally take them between 7-10 working days to build them, depending on how busy the lab is. This does not include shipping time.
  • What if I want to buy more Surethotics?
    We keep our casts for up to 2 years, and sometimes longer. If you would like another pair, simply go to the Re-Order Section on the Shop page. We offer discounted prices for our return customers. Make sure to enter the original order number. If you can’t find it or remember what it is, contact us and we’ll look it up for you. If it has been more than 2 years, you’ll want to place a new order. Feet can change over time and we’ll want the most accurate impression of your foot possible.
  • What if my orthotics don’t fit in my shoes?
    The orthotics we send to you will usually have extra padding on the toe area. You will want to take the insole out of your shoe, place it on top of the new orthotic and trim the orthotic to match your insole. Sometimes the addition of an insert into your shoe or boot can make for a tighter fit. If this happens, we recommend that you take the insole out and just use the orthotic.
  • Should I take the insole out of my shoe after I receive my orthotics?
    That will depend. If you have ordered the Meta-tarsal length orthotics, you probably won’t need to take out the insole. If your shoe or boot has padding in the arch area, it can make your orthotics not sit correctly in your shoe. If you feel like this is the case, try taking the insole out. If you have ordered the Full-Length orthotics, we suggest taking the insole out to make room for your Surethotics. This will take place of the insole.
  • What if my new orthotics hurt my feet?
    The majority of our customers have no problems when they use their orthotics for the first time. However, it isn’t uncommon for there to be a break-in period. If this is the case for you, we suggest wearing your orthotics for a few hours, then taking them out for a few hours. Your feet are getting used to the new support and your muscles and ligaments are adjusting to that. We always suggest giving it some time.
  • Is there a break-in period?
    The majority of our customers have no problems with their new orthotics. In the rare case that you do experience any discomfort, you may need to wear them for a couple of hours then take them out for a couple of hours until your feet adjust to the new support.
  • How long should my Surethotics orthotics last?
    Your Surethotics orthotics should last for years. Of course, that will depend on how much wear and tear they receive. The padding and top covers will eventually wear out, but both of those can be replaced. We can help you with that. If the orthotics have been well-used, and if it has been longer than 2 years, we suggest ordering a new pair instead of repairing the old ones.
  • What is the warranty on my orthotics?
    We absolutely guarantee our workmanship and materials. If there is ever a problem or concern, please contact us and we’ll make sure to take care of you. Customer Service is one of our highest priorities.
  • Can you ship my orthotics Internationally?
    Surethotics is not currently set up to ship internationally. We are happy to ship anywhere in the United States but are not yet shipping internationally. We apologize for any inconvenience.
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